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The Art of
Breathing"An open, healthy breath is a positive affirmation that says YES to life." ~Maya Adjani
Your Breathing Pattern is as Exact as your Thumb Print.

You have practiced breathing the way you breathe your entire life.  It has become so automatic that you don't even have to think about it.  When we practice something long enough, it becomes a habit or 'pattern.  Your breathing pattern reflects the areas where you feel connected and supported and also the places where you may feel isolated or disconnected from life.  The good news is that it is our nature to be free, to be at peace and everything in us wants to come home to this reality.  The practice of breathing freely and openly allows us to live more freely and openly and helps restore us to our natural, authentic way of being.  *For Individual Sessions Click HERE

How does the Breath become Shallow or Restricted?

Shallow or restricted breathing is an unconscious, learned behavior in response to stress, trauma and fear. Holding our breath allows us to temporarily 'de-activate' emotions that feel too intense to process the moment in which they arise.  In this case, being 'numb' serves a distinct purpose, allowing us to cope with the current situation and continue to survive amidst everyday challenges. 
Practice Makes the Master
As my beloved teacher don Miguel Ruiz has reminded me for years, 'Practice makes the master.'  Through this breath-work, we practice relaxing and opening to life, one breath at a time, letting everything else fall away, until only what is True remains.  
Just as we have practiced self-hatred, we can practice self-love and begin to perceive the miracle that is every breath. 

The Beauty & Benefits of Breath~Work...

  • Relieves Stress & Anxiety
  • Improves Digestion & Circulation
  • Increases Inner Strength and Self-love
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Emotional Freedom
  • Clarifies Life Purpose & Goals
  • Deep Relaxation & Peace

Physically relieves tension, oxygenates vital organs and tissues, balances weight, increases energy and health.
Emotionally integrates stuck emotions, freeing one to experience healing, openness and new levels of love, joy and Self-acceptance.
Mentally relaxes the mind, invites clarity, creativity and insight.
Spiritually opens us to the reality of love, our true nature.

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"This breath~work feels so good because it is the practice of 'coming home' to our natural, relaxed, open state." ~Maya Deva Adjani

Transformation occurs in this process because the emphasis is on relaxing into that which is already whole and complete within us, instead of trying to ‘fix’ our perceived shortcomings. Who says that we are not perfect and loveable now?  Each time we engage this practice we strengthen our awareness of our True nature and can see the stories we have told ourselves as simply that - 'stories.' This breath-work connects us to all life and nourishes an inner space of Self-respect.

“Since Maya Adjani introduced me to Transformational Breathing, this work has revitalized me physically and spiritually.  I know I can depend on the immense compassion and great personal integrity that anchors her coaching style.  Her generous support for my process of growth is a gift and blessing.” ~Helen Weber, Seattle, WA

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