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Private Sessions 

"We are meant to breathe with our whole body, just as we are designed to feel with our entire being.  Through this work, you can create a new 'blue print' for the way you receive life (inhale) and allow it to be (exhale)." ~Aryana Solh

Individual Sessions Available By-Appointment
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Objectives of a Breathing Session:

  1. Open & Re-Balance Breathing Pattern: An open, healthy breath begins in the lower abdomen and extends all the way up to the heart.  With Maya's guidance, you will identify areas where your breathing pattern is shallow or restricted and learn how to re-train yourself to breathe more freely & effectively. 
  2. Clear the Subconscious: Heal repressed emotions and negative attitudes in the subconscious permanently by integrating them into a higher frequency. 
  3. Connect with your Higher Self: TB is a self-healing tool that can be utilized to assist you with gaining clarity, experiencing your True nature and accessing higher states of consciousness.

Features of a Breathing Session: 

  • Breath Analysis: Correction of limited breathing patterns and guidance for opening and balancing the respiratory system.
  • Music: Carefully selected compilations that inspire and enhance the flow of the process.
  • Toning and Movement: Sounds and movement which support integration, healing and relaxation.
  • Body Mapping: Pressure points utilized for the release of tensions and specific emotions in combination with positive affirmations.

Time Commitment:

In addition to a full hour of breath~work, your initial session will begin with intention-setting and an in-depth explanation of the technique.  concludes with positive feedback and suggestions for home practice.  The first session is usually 2-hours and following sessions are generally 1 hour and 30 mins. Because the way we breathe is an unconscious pattern we practice our entire lives, it takes focus, and intention to shift the pattern. Based on your unique breathing pattern, Maya will the frequency of sessions that may best serve your needs. To make any significant, positive change in our lives requires the willingness to breathe life into areas of resistance and the determination to love ourselves no matter what.

Oxygen- The Best Massage...

This work is like receiving a massage from the inside out! It feels good to lay down and breathe deeply and consciously for an hour, especially with an experienced guide who can hold you in a space of compassion and loving support and encourage you along the way.  Some people find that once significant transformation has occurred in their breathing pattern, receiving a session bi-monthly or occasionally as a 'tune-up' is a great option.  You may also want to gift a session to a friend or family member as a unique opportunity for them to rest and rejuvenate.