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Breathe Evolve (BE)
Nourishing the Heart of Humanity...

 The BE practices and community are here to help you experience your beauty and wholeness so that you may un-apologetically shine. Though we may not have the eyes to perceive it- Life is always loving us in all that we do- every breath, every bite, every step.
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Breathe Evolve with Maya Adjani

The BE system provides powerful tools for cultivating awareness, vitality and a meaningful connection with life thru...

*Raw food nutrition
*Dance and meditation 

Take A Bite

 Until you choose to feed yourself the food of Self-love, you cannot feed anyone else. When you are hungry, all you can do is, hungry!   We must take the first bite.  We must open our mouths and chew, open our minds and see, open our hearts and feel, open our ears and listen. 

There may be billions of people sending us positive energy, saying affirmations on our behalf, standing on their heads chanting our names, but as long as we continue to unconsciously look at ourselves and thru the distorted lens that says 'I AM NOT good enough' life appears scary and unsafe.   We limit the amount of love and breath that comes in and the amount of love and breath that goes out. 

The power lies in our willingness to slow down and RELAX so deeply into our own skin that we begin to directly experience the openness and effortless freedom that has always been available. 

The BE system teaches life practices to heal and nourish your body and mind so that you can be more present and connected in all that you do.

“The most effective way to realize a healthy, happy planet is if each of us takes full responsibility for giving ourselves the food of self-love.  When we feel nourished, we can perceive the gift of who we are and we become available to offer that gift to the world.” ~Aryana Solh


Listen to An Interview with Aryana
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“Breathe Evolve is like stepping into a dimension where vibrant health and happiness is the norm.  Through I felt energized by dance, inspired and revitalized by Raw foods and the breath-work helped me to relax, release stress, gain clarity and come  home to my Self.”
-Celia Chantal, R.N., Musician
"I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to bring Aryana Solh's work to my patients! It has been an incredible method to help patients reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, bring clarity and peacefulness, overcome grief, and even resolve past emotional traumas.  I highly recommend it for anyone seeking to improve the quality of their life."
-Dr.Andrew Iverson
“Nothing has a greater impact on our physical and emotional states than the way we breathe,  what we eat and the way we move our bodies.” 
-Anthony Robbins                         
*Heart People Photo By Michael Julian Berz